Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Red Sox spanked

The Sox embarassed themselves last night at Yankee Stadium and got owned 11-3. If not for Johnny Damon going yard twice it would have been enough to make even the most hardcore Red Sox fan lose faith. Ortiz homered in garbage time, Manny caught the "first-pitch-swing" bug from Nomar, and Lowe tossed beach balls all night long. Nomar looked like an amateur, getting 4 pitches in 3 at-bats and bobbling a routine ground ball for what would have been the last out in the inning. Instead you get runners on the corners and Sheffield unloads for a 3-run shot. He isn't hitting, he isn't fielding well, he's over 30 and he'll be a free agent after the season. Does this scream "TRADE ME" to anyone else?? We already missed on Beltran and Freddy Garcia, two guys that would have helped immensely and apparently we made good offers for, but they weren't enough. Meanwhile, the Yankees are putting the moves on Randy Johnson who happened to notch his 4,000th K later that night. This one could be over in June, folks. We have to take the next two (Wakefield and Pedro) to stay competitive and for morale if nothing else.

And as if I didn't already hate the Yankees enough, NESN cut to a shot of our Vice President, Mr. Halliburton, 2nd Liar in Command Dick Cheney wearing a NY cap. You could tell it was a brand new cap that had just been handed to him, the bill was straight across and it sat on top of his head because it was the wrong size. Pandering for votes, perhaps? Nah, I'm sure he's a lifelong Yankees fan, being from Nebraska and all. Besides, Kerry's got Massachusetts pretty much wrapped up so there would have been nothing to gain from wearing a Sox cap in Yankee Stadium. Except maybe a beer shower.

Yankees suck!

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