Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin - A TRUE Man's Man

As everyone knows by now, Steve Irwin - The Crocodile Hunter - was killed by a stingray on Monday. Well, get ready to watch his final, dying moments on TV. Apparently, he wanted any accident that might befall him during his adventures to be captured on film for the world to see! According to this article, Irwin once said:

"My number one rule is to keep that camera rolling. Even if it's shaky or slightly out of focus, I don't give a rip. Even if a big old alligator is chewing me up I want to go down and go, 'Crikey!' just before I die. That would be the ultimate for me."

I'd like for everyone to raise their mug and salute the newest inductee to the Man's Man Hall of Fame. He was already a member anyway (the guy clowned around while holding a cobra by its tail, for f***'s sake), but that quote erases any remaining doubt.

p.s. If this does happen, we're a sizeable step closer to televised executions. I'm just saying...

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