Sunday, August 27, 2006


Goddammit. I had a decent-sized post typed out and then tried to post a picture. Google toolbar killed the subsequent popup, so I told Google toolbar to allow popups and it reloaded the page. Adios post.


Sitting at the Cleveland airport and my flight home has been delayed, two hours and counting. Good thing I have my trusty rusty laptop to entertain me (see baby?!? I told you I needed it! :) ) I wonder how my PSP ebay auction is going...... it's up to $112.50 with just under 7 hours to go. Looks good to meet the reserve price.

There are birds flying around in the terminal.

This is the worst post I've ever made here. :)

UPDATE: The PSP auction ended at $193.50, but the winner was some clown in Ireland with ZERO feedback. Predictably, the next day his/her account was deleted. I've since offered it to the second-place guy at his highest bid ($191), and he has 3 days to respond. I'm not holding my breath.

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